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“We have updated our Privacy Policy” – GDPR Compliance Beyond an updated Privacy Policy

Your business, we’ll call it Privacy Co., operates out of Kingston, you sell product almost exclusively to the United States and now a European Union (EU) privacy regulation is affecting the way you handle customer data? What gives? On May 25ththe General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR) came into effect after years of consultation and preparation. The [...]

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Raise Your Glass to Patent Law this St. Patrick’s Day!

The taste, the look, the intellectual property! On St. Patrick’s Day, Guinness® draught beer will be enjoyed in over 150 countries around the world. Happy beer drinkers will toast to each other’s health, they may even thank Arthur Guinness himself for signing a 9000-year lease on a dilapidated brewery at St. James’s Gate, but only [...]

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Artificial (Attorney) Intelligence

I’ve already written two articles about Crypto-currencies so I’ll spare my audience from indulging me a third time. (By the way, Bitcoin took a hit recently as news broke that South Korea, China and Japan are contemplating legislation to regulate cryptocurrencies). I do however, want to continue writing about the emerging technology space. More specifically, [...]

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The Holiest of All Intellectual Property: The Appropriation of the Pope’s Personality Rights

And on the 7th day God created…Intellectual Property rights? Ok, well the Vatican might not be claiming that they are the holy keepers of intellectual property rights, but earlier this year, the city-state surrounded by Rome, decided to put its foot down on how and when the likeness of Pope Francis, the 266th Pope of [...]

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How Will Blockchain Technology Support the Legal Profession?

For my first post on the Andrews Robichaud blog, I wrote about the rapid growth and adoption of blockchain technology. Since then, the cost of a single Bitcoin (BTC) has risen to around $4000.00 USD and the number of cryptocurrencies in circulation has now exceeded 850. It’s hard to go an entire day without hearing [...]

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Register Your Trade-mark, But Don’t Forget to Maintain It

Think back to all the time and energy you put into developing, designing and registering your highly distinctive trade-mark. Your hard work is paying off and your product is now known internationally. In fact, your mark is so successful that it is beginning to take on a life its own. Your mark is now a [...]

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Blockchain Technology and Intellectual Property: A New Way to Secure Creativity?

You’ve definitely heard of Bitcoin, and you may have heard of Ethereum, but will blockchain technology now help to better secure legal transactions, including one’s valuable intellectual property assets? Blockchain technology offers an alternative means to engage in secure transactions. For example, the execution of a contract, or the transfer of money, are both situations [...]

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Fire! (But Only When Ready)

Innovative companies love being on the leading edge in their fields, but timing your business launch is crucial if you want to stay in the lead. Not getting there soon enough can be problematic, not only from an innovative perspective, but also from a revenue perspective. There is an internal battle between the product designers and [...]

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The Fathers of Invention

It is a common misconception that Thomas Edison invented the light-bulb. The reason we so closely associate the light-bulb with Edison is because while he may not have invented it, he was the first to make its production and sale commercially viable. Despite Edison’s numerous contributions to society, this lesson may be his most important. It serves as [...]

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In honour of Canada’s 150th, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office has announced a commemorative design to appear on its certificates issued in 2017.  The commemorative nature of these certificates will have no impact on the substantive rights found in the underlying registration and are solely cosmetic in nature. Contact Andrews Robichaud to apply to [...]

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