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The Rise of the Online Store: Practical First Steps to Starting a Business

2017 brought monumental change in technology. In fact, 2017 set the all time record for closures of brick and mortar stores and openings of online stores. These days consumers are more inclined to do their shopping from the comfort of their own homes rather than brave the crowds in the malls. This change in shopping [...]

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Patents that Protect Sneakers that Promise Super Powers

Fashion generally lacks adequate protection from Intellectual Property Law. I have recently discussed a number of IP tools designers may use for some level of protection but have yet to consider patents. Patents apply to newly developed technologies and provide the inventor the exclusive right to use, make, or sell the innovation for a fixed [...]

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Trademarks and Fashion Law: A Potential Shining Light of Protection?

Following lawsuits around fashion in the news can often be disheartening. Fashion designers are often not afforded a lot of legal protection and cases can be dismissed easily for lack of merit. I have proposed that copyright laws should be reformed to protect clothing and accessories, but there are already some other established and emerging [...]

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Doing it Right: How Levi’s Protects Their Intellectual Property

On the AR blog, I have argued that fashion needs copyright law and even more legal protection beyond that; I have highlighted the numerous shortcomings of the law to protect intellectual property and the sometimes devastating results for designers. But despite these legal shortcomings, some fashion companies have nonetheless prevailed, protecting their brand, designs, and [...]

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The Perfect Plan for Canada Day Events

July 1st 2017 - Canada’s 150th birthday -  is right around the corner. To make the most of your day we have outlined a foolproof schedule to hit all the major Canada Day events. Follow our day plan to ensure you don’t miss out on any of the fun! MORNING 3:45 AM: Chasing the Sunrise [...]

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Otta-where? Why is Ottawa Canada’s Capital City

In 1857, Ottawa was nothing more than a small city known for its lumber industry.  In fact, it had only been incorporated as an official city two years prior.  By most measures, this new city seemed to be an unlikely choice to become Canada's capital city. It did not have a lot of land, or other [...]

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Canada 150 June Events: A Celebration for Everyone

The world is gearing up to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday and big things are happening in our Nation’s Capital. All of us at Andrews Robichaud want to extend a warm, Canadian, invitation to come to Ottawa and take part in the Canada 150 June events. Canada is a diverse, but inclusive and welcoming, country. We [...]

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Fashion Needs Copyright Law

  Fashion is art. Flipping though five pages of Vogue, or watching two-minutes of a fashion show, makes that statement unquestionable. High fashion garments are indisputably the product of creators dedicated to wearable art. As a creative industry, fashion needs copyright law. Copyright law is intended to encourage creativity by protecting an artist’s right to [...]

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