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The development, use and protection of good brands can be one of the best business strategies an individual or company can make. The characteristics of products can change over time, but a well-developed brand and brand strategy can guide those changes, and create tremendous goodwill, not only for the products but the business as a whole. Some brands can even reach iconic status, capturing and retaining amazing employee and customer loyalty and value. Any brands are protected in law as trademarks, and can become long term monopolies for a business. A business’ trademark represents the company’s reputation as well as the quality and consistency of its products and services. Customers will connect to the products and services generating growth and repeat sales.

A trademark can be shown as name, a design, (or both), or the shape of a product or its container. Trademarks are, like patents, protected on a country by country basis (or in some instances regions), and are best protected when they are registered. The registration of a trademark provides many statutory benefits, include exclusivity throughout the country. A good trademark lawyer or trademark agent can assist in identifying the nature of the trademark, the availability and the scope of it, and a number of other attributes, including keeping competitors from coming too close and unfairly benefiting on the valuable good will being generated by its ongoing use.

The trademark lawyers and trademark agents of Andrews Robichaud have decades of experience and are able to effectively guide clients through the trademark adoption, use and registration process, protecting your trademark from misuse and providing you with the exclusive rights to use your trademark throughout Canada for a period of 15 years. Our trademark lawyers and trademark agents are also able to and regularly assist clients with excellent trademark law advice and counsel on the protection and registration of their trademarks in countries all over the world.