The Greatest Trade-mark Practitioner Who Ever Lived

For a guy who works in a field which focuses on branding and marketing, I sure am reluctant to do it myself.

At its core, trade-marks, and marketing in general, is about standing on the tallest mountain and shouting to the world consistent reminders that you exist and are of value.

That sort of boasting is not really me.  Parting advice from a mentor of mine was, “Walk softly and carry a big shtick.”  So that is what I tend to do.  Walk softly.  Resolve problems.  Turn obstacles into opportunities.  But I’m not one to brag.

Which is an odd thing.  Because what many of you do not know is, I am the greatest trade-mark practitioner who has ever lived.  And Andrews Robichaud is the greatest trade-mark firm in the world.  Ever.

At least that is the impression I get from all the emails I receive telling me this very thing.  They always come from some organization with a name like International Trade-mark Reviewers or The Business Directory of Excellency.  And for a few thousand dollars, these prestigiously named organizations will give me an award with a fancy sounding title, like International Practitioner of the Year, and shout the fact that they gave me that award from the top a mountain.

And the criteria these organizations use to vet and honour me with such a title.  Trade-marks searched? Applications filed?  Oppositions successfully argued?  No.  Don’t be silly.  Who has the time or energy to actually evaluate every intellectual property practitioner in the world?

No, these organizations follow a simple motto, “He who pays the piper, calls the tune.”  These completely unvetted endorsements are available to whoever is willing to hand over the cash.  It is a business model and practice that has become so pervasive in the legal industry that the Law Society of Upper Canada is actively investigating the issue.

So be wary of those practitioners who claim to be number one.  Who appear to have been awarded a fancy title from a prestigious sounding organization.  Those awards on their shelves may only be worth the price literally paid for them.

Me?  I take my satisfaction from quietly accomplishing the goals of our clients.

“Good news, it appears your trade-mark is available.”

“Good news, your trade-mark has been allowed.”

“Good news, the Trade-marks Opposition Board has ruled in your favour.”

We are good at it.  Great even.  Best in the world.

But I’m not one to brag.

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