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A Patent is available for innovations or advancements in the way something works, and can also include improvements to existing products or processes. Our patent lawyers and patent agents can help our clients secure lawful and exclusive patent and property rights to make, use and sell the invention that has been made.

Patent protection is obtained on a country by country basis. Our patent lawyers and patent agents are also familiar with specific mechanisms available to help our clients secure protection in many countries at the same time, if warranted. In Canada, a patent lasts for 20 years from date that it is filed. Patents can be quite valuable and can be exploited directly or sold or licensed to third parties.

Patent law provides that an invention can be a product, a composition, a machine, a process and an improvement on any of these. A patent will be granted to the first applicant, and in Canada, the first applicant to file a patent application is entitled to obtain the patent. Clients can consult with our patent lawyers and patent agents to determine when is the best time to file, and on what basis.

Most patents filed are done so with the assistance of a patent lawyer or patent agent. In addition to their legal training the patent lawyers and patent agents at Andrews Robichaud also have multidisciplinary backgrounds, including strong degrees in the fields of mechanical, electrical and industrial engineering, as well as the life sciences and genetics.