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In many cases, people only interact with intellectual property rights when questions of infringement arise. This reactionary approach to intellectual property rights can often result in expensive legal proceedings.

Taking a proactive approach to intellectual property rights, making it a central part of your business, will prevent situations of inadvertent infringement on your part in addition to placing you in the advantageous position of readily asserting your intellectual property rights against would-be infringers. Most importantly, being mindful of your intellectual property rights will allow you to exploit your rights to its fullest commercial potential.

One of the important focus areas of Andrews Robichaud is to work closely with clients and to help them commercialize and exploit their patent, trademark, copyright and industrial design assets, whether it is through a sale, transfer, licensing arrangement, franchise, syndication or any other alliance or arrangement that both protects and maximizes these intellectual property rights and their value for our clients. Our emphasis is on helping our clients to be successful.