Raise Your Glass to Patent Law this St. Patrick’s Day!

The taste, the look, the intellectual property! On St. Patrick’s Day, Guinness® draught beer will be enjoyed in over 150 countries around the world. Happy beer drinkers will toast to each other’s health, they may even thank Arthur Guinness himself for signing a 9000-year lease on a dilapidated brewery at St. James’s Gate, but only [...]

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Posting and Reposting: What Business Owners Need to Know About Instagram’s Terms of Use

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social networking apps, with over 800 million monthly users, 2 million advertisers and 65,900 photos and videos being uploaded to the app every minute. Many business owners are now including Instagram as part of an effective marketing strategy. If you are a business owner and use Instagram [...]

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What You Need to Know About Emoji and Copyright :)

First invented in the late 1990s, emoji have found their way into all our smartphones over the past few years. They have transformed the way we communicate online by allowing us to convey emotions, tones, gestures and expressions that would otherwise be absent with the use of a traditional alphabet in our writing. Not only [...]

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Part Four: Understanding Prospectus Exemptions

Having considered the various steps enumerated in my last article to improve the strength of your business before seeking angel financing, you now have to arm yourself with an understanding of the private company financing regime in Canada. The first rule is that any time that a company issues shares to founders or investors it [...]

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Passion Project

Today, on the day of love, what could be more romantic than an article on intellectual property?  Roll your eyes if you must, but before you gallivant off for a lovely dinner with your paramour, consider the fact that, at their core, romance and intellectual property have something in common: passion. Rich creative endeavors are [...]

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Innovation in Canada – How do we measure up?

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) tabled its Annual Report for 2016–2017 in Canada’s House of Commons on February 2, 2018. A copy of the full report can be found here. In its notice to the profession CIPO wrote: “Last year, we advanced our work to modernize Canada's IP system, improve the quality of the [...]

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The Rise of the Online Store: Practical First Steps to Starting a Business

2017 brought monumental change in technology. In fact, 2017 set the all time record for closures of brick and mortar stores and openings of online stores. These days consumers are more inclined to do their shopping from the comfort of their own homes rather than brave the crowds in the malls. This change in shopping [...]

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Artificial (Attorney) Intelligence

I’ve already written two articles about Crypto-currencies so I’ll spare my audience from indulging me a third time. (By the way, Bitcoin took a hit recently as news broke that South Korea, China and Japan are contemplating legislation to regulate cryptocurrencies). I do however, want to continue writing about the emerging technology space. More specifically, [...]

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The Billion Dollar Printing Press

As a trade-mark agent, my world is trade-marks.  How to protect trade-marks, how to enforce trade-marks, and how to defend trade-marks.  That is my raison d'être here at the firm. Which is why it is odd that today’s blog post is not about trade-marks.  As a practitioner working in an [...]

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