Innovating the Innovation System

We are very good at advising on how one should go about protecting valuable intellectual property assets, as patents, designs, trademarks or copyright. But while innovation continues to accelerate, the innovation system that we use to protect and commercialize these rights have evolved very slowly, and in today’s world in many instances seem antiquated, lopsided [...]

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The Power of P²

Any innovation with products requires a consideration of P² at a certain time. P² is obviously the wonderful words Patent Pending!! These two words can have meaningful power when used as a business tool and also to protect your innovation. The presence of Patent Pending on your product will cause competitors to carefully consider competing [...]

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Doing it Right: How Levi’s Protects Their Intellectual Property

On the AR blog, I have argued that fashion needs copyright law and even more legal protection beyond that; I have highlighted the numerous shortcomings of the law to protect intellectual property and the sometimes devastating results for designers. But despite these legal shortcomings, some fashion companies have nonetheless prevailed, protecting their brand, designs, and [...]

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Register Your Trade-mark, But Don’t Forget to Maintain It

Think back to all the time and energy you put into developing, designing and registering your highly distinctive trade-mark. Your hard work is paying off and your product is now known internationally. In fact, your mark is so successful that it is beginning to take on a life its own. Your mark is now a [...]

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Start-Up Funding – Tips and Tricks to Find Your Funds

I have often been asked, “What is the most challenging hurdle for building a successful business from scratch?”. THE HR consultants say, “hiring and retaining the best people”, and the truth is that truly talented people are at the core of most successful ventures. An engineering consultant may say, on the other hand, “The key [...]

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The Greatest Trade-mark Practitioner Who Ever Lived

For a guy who works in a field which focuses on branding and marketing, I sure am reluctant to do it myself. At its core, trade-marks, and marketing in general, is about standing on the tallest mountain and shouting to the world consistent reminders that you exist and are of value. That sort of boasting [...]

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Intellectual Property Trainwrecks: The Unbelievable Silly Innovations Hall of Fame

“Some innovations are best left to die in the ashes of the campfire around which they were conceived” Ah… here in Canada the long days of summer are upon us, and the mind starts to wander from regular work to things less structured. Things like lounging by the lake or telling tales around a [...]

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Craft Beer Trademarks: A Pairing for the Ages

I have two loves in my life (other than my family of course): American muscle cars and craft beer. Some might even say beer alone. Recently, my love for craft beer has made its way into my work in the form of craft beer trademarks. My interest in craft beer has grown since breweries have [...]

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Blockchain Technology and Intellectual Property: A New Way to Secure Creativity?

You’ve definitely heard of Bitcoin, and you may have heard of Ethereum, but will blockchain technology now help to better secure legal transactions, including one’s valuable intellectual property assets? Blockchain technology offers an alternative means to engage in secure transactions. For example, the execution of a contract, or the transfer of money, are both situations [...]

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Can You Trademark a Cannabis Brand?

Yes, you can trademark a cannabis brand... and you should. Cannabis (marijuana) is still an illegal substance in Canada but the law is changing. The proposed Cannabis Act would allow legal possession, purchase, growth, and creation of cannabis products subject to regulations which have yet to be finalized. The latest target date for legalisation is set for [...]

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