The Man Who Invented Christmas AND International Copyright Law?

For the past 22 years, I have had the pleasure of representing members of the Dickens family out of England, direct descendants of the great English author, Charles Dickens. Through this work, which principally focuses on branding and licensing initiatives by family members, I have also learned a great deal about Dickens the man, and [...]

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Harvester of Sorrow: Should all legal fees to be awarded against a party that is being clearly unreasonable

I am a true believer that litigation should only be used when a reasonable compromise cannot be reached between two parties. A reasonable compromise in either a patent, trademark or design patent infringement requires both parties to give something up rather than attempt to obtain a one-sided settlement agreement. Let’s all agree that getting everything [...]

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Patents that Protect Sneakers that Promise Super Powers

Fashion generally lacks adequate protection from Intellectual Property Law. I have recently discussed a number of IP tools designers may use for some level of protection but have yet to consider patents. Patents apply to newly developed technologies and provide the inventor the exclusive right to use, make, or sell the innovation for a fixed [...]

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The Holiest of All Intellectual Property: The Appropriation of the Pope’s Personality Rights

And on the 7th day God created…Intellectual Property rights? Ok, well the Vatican might not be claiming that they are the holy keepers of intellectual property rights, but earlier this year, the city-state surrounded by Rome, decided to put its foot down on how and when the likeness of Pope Francis, the 266th Pope of [...]

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Part Three: Additional Considerations for Start-Up Financing

Having burned through your personal savings and explored the friends and family round, most entrepreneurs will wonder what's next on the start-up financing front. Depending on your business and the success, or lack thereof, that you may have at this stage, you might think that an angel investment or even venture capital could be secured. [...]

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Become a Legal Re-Seller Today!

As I have alluded to in the past, intellectual property is a form of property. Which puts intellectual property professionals in a unique position. Specifically, their services are a form of investment. Why? Because you can eventually sell the intellectual property portfolio those professionals helped you build. Unlike most services, all that time and [...]

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Fake Litigation! – What it is, and what can be done about it.

As competition in certain sectors of knowledge-based economies becomes more crowded and competitive, predatory companies, savvy in intellectual property, have become emboldened to initiate legal actions based on highly suspect patent, trade-mark, copyright and confidential information claims (or some combination thereof), with a view to keeping their competitors at bay. High litigation costs can [...]

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Industrial Designs – The Eye of the Beholder – Sometimes Owns All the Rights

There is a poor little cousin in Intellectual Property and his name is ID which is an Industrial Design. An industrial design protects the visual aspects of a product. This form of protection is almost rarely considered since a lot of clients are focused on obtaining a patent, a trademark or even some copyright registrations [...]

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Trademarks and Fashion Law: A Potential Shining Light of Protection?

Following lawsuits around fashion in the news can often be disheartening. Fashion designers are often not afforded a lot of legal protection and cases can be dismissed easily for lack of merit. I have proposed that copyright laws should be reformed to protect clothing and accessories, but there are already some other established and emerging [...]

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How Will Blockchain Technology Support the Legal Profession?

For my first post on the Andrews Robichaud blog, I wrote about the rapid growth and adoption of blockchain technology. Since then, the cost of a single Bitcoin (BTC) has risen to around $4000.00 USD and the number of cryptocurrencies in circulation has now exceeded 850. It’s hard to go an entire day without hearing [...]

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