Become a Legal Re-Seller Today!

As I have alluded to in the past, intellectual property is a form of property. Which puts intellectual property professionals in a unique position. Specifically, their services are a form of investment. Why? Because you can eventually sell the intellectual property portfolio those professionals helped you build. Unlike most services, all that time and [...]

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Fake Litigation! – What it is, and what can be done about it.

As competition in certain sectors of knowledge-based economies becomes more crowded and competitive, predatory companies, savvy in intellectual property, have become emboldened to initiate legal actions based on highly suspect patent, trade-mark, copyright and confidential information claims (or some combination thereof), with a view to keeping their competitors at bay. High litigation costs can [...]

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Industrial Designs – The Eye of the Beholder – Sometimes Owns All the Rights

There is a poor little cousin in Intellectual Property and his name is ID which is an Industrial Design. An industrial design protects the visual aspects of a product. This form of protection is almost rarely considered since a lot of clients are focused on obtaining a patent, a trademark or even some copyright registrations [...]

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Trademarks and Fashion Law: A Potential Shining Light of Protection?

Following lawsuits around fashion in the news can often be disheartening. Fashion designers are often not afforded a lot of legal protection and cases can be dismissed easily for lack of merit. I have proposed that copyright laws should be reformed to protect clothing and accessories, but there are already some other established and emerging [...]

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How Will Blockchain Technology Support the Legal Profession?

For my first post on the Andrews Robichaud blog, I wrote about the rapid growth and adoption of blockchain technology. Since then, the cost of a single Bitcoin (BTC) has risen to around $4000.00 USD and the number of cryptocurrencies in circulation has now exceeded 850. It’s hard to go an entire day without hearing [...]

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Finding Funding for Start-Ups: Part Two

Todd Plaskacz is a Senior Associate at Andrews Robichaud, as a registered Trademark Agent, Mr. Plaskacz regularly provides guidance and advice to clients on branding, internet domain name protection and trademark prosecution and registration in Canada and the U.S. in addition to advising on a wide array of business and corporate matters. In a [...]

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Sun Tzu the Trade-mark Agent

You have probably heard of The Art of War.  Maybe you have even read it. I did, a long time ago.  As an oft quoted book in pop culture and academia, I figured I should get it straight from the horse’s mouth.  In this case, the horse’s mouth is a debatable translation from ancient Chinese [...]

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Innovating the Innovation System

We are very good at advising on how one should go about protecting valuable intellectual property assets, as patents, designs, trademarks or copyright. But while innovation continues to accelerate, the innovation system that we use to protect and commercialize these rights have evolved very slowly, and in today’s world in many instances seem antiquated, lopsided [...]

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The Power of P²

Any innovation with products requires a consideration of P² at a certain time. P² is obviously the wonderful words Patent Pending!! These two words can have meaningful power when used as a business tool and also to protect your innovation. The presence of Patent Pending on your product will cause competitors to carefully consider competing [...]

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Doing it Right: How Levi’s Protects Their Intellectual Property

On the AR blog, I have argued that fashion needs copyright law and even more legal protection beyond that; I have highlighted the numerous shortcomings of the law to protect intellectual property and the sometimes devastating results for designers. But despite these legal shortcomings, some fashion companies have nonetheless prevailed, protecting their brand, designs, and [...]

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