Blockchain Technology and Intellectual Property: A New Way to Secure Creativity?

You’ve definitely heard of Bitcoin, and you may have heard of Ethereum, but will blockchain technology now help to better secure legal transactions, including one’s valuable intellectual property assets? Blockchain technology offers an alternative means to engage in secure transactions. For example, the execution of a contract, or the transfer of money, are both situations [...]

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Can You Trademark a Cannabis Brand?

Yes, you can trademark a cannabis brand... and you should. Cannabis (marijuana) is still an illegal substance in Canada but the law is changing. The proposed Cannabis Act would allow legal possession, purchase, growth, and creation of cannabis products subject to regulations which have yet to be finalized. The latest target date for legalisation is set for [...]

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Fashion Needs Copyright Law

  Fashion is art. Flipping though five pages of Vogue, or watching two-minutes of a fashion show, makes that statement unquestionable. High fashion garments are indisputably the product of creators dedicated to wearable art. As a creative industry, fashion needs copyright law. Copyright law is intended to encourage creativity by protecting an artist’s right to [...]

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Fire! (But Only When Ready)

Innovative companies love being on the leading edge in their fields, but timing your business launch is crucial if you want to stay in the lead. Not getting there soon enough can be problematic, not only from an innovative perspective, but also from a revenue perspective. There is an internal battle between the product designers and [...]

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The Fathers of Invention

It is a common misconception that Thomas Edison invented the light-bulb. The reason we so closely associate the light-bulb with Edison is because while he may not have invented it, he was the first to make its production and sale commercially viable. Despite Edison’s numerous contributions to society, this lesson may be his most important. It serves as [...]

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