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Part Three: Additional Considerations for Start-Up Financing

Having burned through your personal savings and explored the friends and family round, most entrepreneurs will wonder what's next on the start-up financing front. Depending on your business and the success, or lack thereof, that you may have at this stage, you might think that an angel investment or even venture capital could be secured. [...]

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Finding Funding for Start-Ups: Part Two

Todd Plaskacz is a Senior Associate at Andrews Robichaud, as a registered Trademark Agent, Mr. Plaskacz regularly provides guidance and advice to clients on branding, internet domain name protection and trademark prosecution and registration in Canada and the U.S. in addition to advising on a wide array of business and corporate matters. In a [...]

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Start-Up Funding – Tips and Tricks to Find Your Funds

I have often been asked, “What is the most challenging hurdle for building a successful business from scratch?”. THE HR consultants say, “hiring and retaining the best people”, and the truth is that truly talented people are at the core of most successful ventures. An engineering consultant may say, on the other hand, “The key [...]

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