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What Does the USMCA Mean for Trademark Law?

USMCA negotiations completed late last year with the parties signing it at the end of November.  With it, the complete text of the agreement was released to the public for their reading pleasure.  Clocking in at close to two thousand pages, most will see the text as a great substitute for Nyquil. Of course, despite [...]

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The Trade-mark, “Hello”

One of my favourite tools in the arsenal of Canadian trade-mark practitioners is the initiation of summary expungement proceedings. It is one of the most aggressive things you can do in the field but carries with it very limited risk. In brief, summary expungement proceedings are a simplified administrative proceeding in Canada wherein, upon payment [...]

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Ante Up!

A recurring theme came out of the 2018 INTA Annual Meeting in Seattle for me.  With a background in management science and half a decade of operations management before entering the legal profession, I am no stranger to the concepts of risk management and decision analysis. In fact, this background in risk analysis permeates my [...]

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Passion Project

Today, on the day of love, what could be more romantic than an article on intellectual property?  Roll your eyes if you must, but before you gallivant off for a lovely dinner with your paramour, consider the fact that, at their core, romance and intellectual property have something in common: passion. Rich creative endeavors are [...]

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The Billion Dollar Printing Press

As a trade-mark agent, my world is trade-marks.  How to protect trade-marks, how to enforce trade-marks, and how to defend trade-marks.  That is my raison d'être here at the firm. Which is why it is odd that today’s blog post is not about trade-marks.  As a practitioner working in an [...]

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Become a Legal Re-Seller Today!

As I have alluded to in the past, intellectual property is a form of property. Which puts intellectual property professionals in a unique position. Specifically, their services are a form of investment. Why? Because you can eventually sell the intellectual property portfolio those professionals helped you build. Unlike most services, all that time and [...]

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Sun Tzu the Trade-mark Agent

You have probably heard of The Art of War.  Maybe you have even read it. I did, a long time ago.  As an oft quoted book in pop culture and academia, I figured I should get it straight from the horse’s mouth.  In this case, the horse’s mouth is a debatable translation from ancient Chinese [...]

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The Greatest Trade-mark Practitioner Who Ever Lived

For a guy who works in a field which focuses on branding and marketing, I sure am reluctant to do it myself. At its core, trade-marks, and marketing in general, is about standing on the tallest mountain and shouting to the world consistent reminders that you exist and are of value. That sort of boasting [...]

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