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Become a Legal Re-Seller Today!

As I have alluded to in the past, intellectual property is a form of property. Which puts intellectual property professionals in a unique position. Specifically, their services are a form of investment. Why? Because you can eventually sell the intellectual property portfolio those professionals helped you build. Unlike most services, all that time and [...]

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Sun Tzu the Trade-mark Agent

You have probably heard of The Art of War.  Maybe you have even read it. I did, a long time ago.  As an oft quoted book in pop culture and academia, I figured I should get it straight from the horse’s mouth.  In this case, the horse’s mouth is a debatable translation from ancient Chinese [...]

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The Greatest Trade-mark Practitioner Who Ever Lived

For a guy who works in a field which focuses on branding and marketing, I sure am reluctant to do it myself. At its core, trade-marks, and marketing in general, is about standing on the tallest mountain and shouting to the world consistent reminders that you exist and are of value. That sort of boasting [...]

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