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Harvester of Sorrow: Should all legal fees to be awarded against a party that is being clearly unreasonable

I am a true believer that litigation should only be used when a reasonable compromise cannot be reached between two parties. A reasonable compromise in either a patent, trademark or design patent infringement requires both parties to give something up rather than attempt to obtain a one-sided settlement agreement. Let’s all agree that getting everything [...]

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Industrial Designs – The Eye of the Beholder – Sometimes Owns All the Rights

There is a poor little cousin in Intellectual Property and his name is ID which is an Industrial Design. An industrial design protects the visual aspects of a product. This form of protection is almost rarely considered since a lot of clients are focused on obtaining a patent, a trademark or even some copyright registrations [...]

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The Power of P²

Any innovation with products requires a consideration of P² at a certain time. P² is obviously the wonderful words Patent Pending!! These two words can have meaningful power when used as a business tool and also to protect your innovation. The presence of Patent Pending on your product will cause competitors to carefully consider competing [...]

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Craft Beer Trademarks: A Pairing for the Ages

I have two loves in my life (other than my family of course): American muscle cars and craft beer. Some might even say beer alone. Recently, my love for craft beer has made its way into my work in the form of craft beer trademarks. My interest in craft beer has grown since breweries have [...]

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