Harvester of Sorrow: Should all legal fees to be awarded against a party that is being clearly unreasonable

I am a true believer that litigation should only be used when a reasonable compromise cannot be reached between two parties. A reasonable compromise in either a patent, trademark or design patent infringement requires both parties to give something up rather than attempt to obtain a one-sided settlement agreement. Let’s all agree that getting everything [...]

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Patents that Protect Sneakers that Promise Super Powers

Fashion generally lacks adequate protection from Intellectual Property Law. I have recently discussed a number of IP tools designers may use for some level of protection but have yet to consider patents. Patents apply to newly developed technologies and provide the inventor the exclusive right to use, make, or sell the innovation for a fixed [...]

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The Holiest of All Intellectual Property: The Appropriation of the Pope’s Personality Rights

And on the 7th day God created…Intellectual Property rights? Ok, well the Vatican might not be claiming that they are the holy keepers of intellectual property rights, but earlier this year, the city-state surrounded by Rome, decided to put its foot down on how and when the likeness of Pope Francis, the 266th Pope of [...]

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