On July 1, 2018 we celebrate the 15thanniversary of the founding of our firm, Andrews Robichaud PC. It both seems like yesterday and a long time ago. There are so many thoughts and memories that go through one’s mind when reflecting on such a milestone, but the one constant, which is something we often remind ourselves, is that it has never been dull. In fact, in the heat of the many moments that happen in a busy practice we often ask ourselves “Are we having fun yet?” with the answer always being “Yes we are!”

We often laugh that one of the smarter decisions was to start the firm on July 1, so that on each anniversary, the city and in fact the country would throw a huge party for us, with spectacular fireworks no less, in honour of this illustrious occasion. Ok, while there may be a bit of a delusions of grandeur in that thought, it has been that type of grand thinking that inspired us to start our firm in the first place, and has kept us motivated and always striving to provide the best service to our clients..

While there have been challenges along the way as is the case with all businesses, there have also been many triumphs, for the firm and many of the firm’s clients. We continue to marvel at the spirit of enterprise we see on a daily basis with our clients, and the never ending stream of innovations that keep coming across our desks. Being able to play a valuable role in helping our clients to succeed domestically and internationally has been a constant pleasure over these years,  and always remains fresh.

In the immortal words of Napoleon Hill, the author of the foundational work Think and Grow Rich, “More gold has been mined from the thoughts of men, then has ever been taken from the earth”. We look forward to continuing to help our clients to find and secure that “gold,” and build an even brighter future into the next 15 years and beyond.

Mike Andrews and Pierre Robichaud